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T-Motor AT2304 F3P Indoor Brushless Motor - 1500KV/1800KV/2300KV

Ordinary:$37.23 Silver:$36.47 Gold:$36.09 Diamond:$34.95
Available Points:1000 Points Reward:37
• Packaging Weight:46g,Packaging size:70*55*45mm
• Light and robust AT2303/2304/2306 are150-320g
• Short & long shaft for free option
• Tested by donatas and some other champion pilot
• Specially designed for F3P,3D,4D acrobatic plane
• Have flexible and stable flying experience.
  • KV:
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Orders Over 80$ Free Shipping, DHL can reach your place in 7 to 10 days

AT2304 is a high-end motor designed primarily for F3P indoor airplanes. It can also be used on Backyard airplanes.

The AT series of motors uses modern materials used in industry-driven areas. Hand-made high-temperature enameled wire for excellent characteristics of fireproof, and anti-aging, greatly extends the working life of the motor. Curved magnets with precise tolerance control and rational magnet space for optimal motor magnetic circuit help improve motor performance. Custom bearings are imported from Japan to improve the quality of the motor and prolong its life to ensure smooth and stable flight with a longer flying time.

1.for 150-320g F3P plane

2. Especially designed for F3P,3D, acrobatic plane

3.Have flexible and stable flying experience.

4.High efficiency & stable flying

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