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Return & Exchange Policy

1.T-MOTORHOBBY will offer after-sale service for motors, propellers and ESCs only. T-MOTORHOBBY shall claim no responsibility for any damage or crash from wrong operation, improper assembly or failure of other component unless the fault is found with our products. In that case, T-MOTORHOBBY will take care of the maintenance expense for motors, ESCs or propellers, however, maintenance expense of other parts on the drone will not be on T-MOTORHOBBY’ account.


2. T-MOTORHOBBY shall claim no responsibility if the products purchased do not meet users’ expectations and the products are without quality issue. In that case, request for products replacement or return shall receive rejection. T-MOTORHOBBY shall claim no responsibility for any loss or damage to users or any third parties from inappropriate use and assembly of T-MOTORHOBBY products or accessories. T-MOTORHOBBY on no account shall share joint liability for any direct or indirect injuries or property loss to users.


*  If you have any questions, please contact customer service  Sharon@tmotor.com